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Arthroscopic Surgery of the Right Shoulder - Print Quality Instant Download


Product Description

Arthroscopic surgery of the right shoulder. The arthroscopic findings include subacromial impingement, partial rotator cuff tear, superior labral/biceps tear and bursitis. Once the specialized tools are inserted into the glenohumeral joint the labral tear is debrided with a shaver. The biceps tendon is tagged and released. Next, the tools are inserted into the subacromial space to complete a biceps tenodesis with a suture anchor. The footprint is shaved to create healthy bleeding bone using a burr. A suture anchor is placed and the sutures are pulled through the rotator cuff and tightened to repair the tear. Finally, a burr and shaver are used to remove the bursitis and decompress the acromion, thus completing the subacromial decompression.

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