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Using Medical Graphics in the Courtroom



Medical graphics are visual aids that enhance any personal injury or medical malpractice presentation. Learning is most effective when the jury can see and listen to a demonstration. On average, any individual after 72-hours will retain 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they see. But combining both Visual and Auditory elements can result in a higher percentage of information retained after the 72-hour mark...

Here are some tips on preparing your visual aids:

  • Keep your visuals simple, relevant and easy to comprehend.
  • Make your text size large. Images should be visible and large enough to be seen by everyone in the courtroom.

Poster Board Exhibits

A poster board exhibit on a portable easel is easy to use and requires no computer equipment. This will prevent unwanted technical issues during your presentation.

Poster boards are most suitable for small audiences of 20 or fewer people. Laminating the poster board will allow you to write on it with dry erase markers.

Digital-based Exhibits

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used computer presentation software. You can use your tablet or laptop to fire up your preferred application – and with an added screen and other equipment, you can display some impressive visual animations, illustrations and interactive exhibits. With a remote control, you can change the image and still move around the room.

Medical Graphic Experts

Finding an experienced medical graphics expert is as important to the legal team as is finding experts to testify. Certified Medical Illustrations is a leader in the medical graphics field with experienced graphics artists and customer service representatives who assist in creating the right graphics for your case.There is a simple 4-step process used to launch and complete a project.

Learn more about the various products and services available or to request a free quote, visit: http://certifiedmedicalillustrations.com/contact-us/ or call: +888-999-0410.


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