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Working with Certified Medical Illustrations is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4…



When in need of an industry leader in medical illustration for your personal injury or medical malpractice case, it is more critical than ever to hire the best leader to support your litigation. Certified Medical Illustrations (CMI) is that leader in the market and therefore a smart choice for your graphic exhibits and animation needs.

It may feel like the process is difficult to start with raw medical data and finish with presentation worthy materials, however, CMI has developed a simple 4-step process to get your evidence to finalized pieces.

  1. Contact CMI either by phone or email. The client is paired with an experienced medical illustrator who will prepare a free proposal for consideration.
  2. Graphic exhibits and animations are created based on the consultation and completed documentation provided by the client.
  3. Medical review is provided by your expert to ensure accuracy of the medical illustrations.
  4. With approvals collected from your medical expert and the client, the finalized exhibits and animations are packaged and sent to the client.

Learn more about the various products and services available or request a quote:

Visit: http://certifiedmedicalillustrations.com or Call: +888-999-0410