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Reusable Stock vs. Case-Specific Medical Exhibits

Reusable Stock vs. Case-Specific Medical Exhibits



As a personal injury attorney, you could be deciding between using case-specific medical exhibits or reusable stock exhibits to bring your client’s injuries to life. What is the best option for your case?

Reusable Stock Exhibits: This can seem like the best solution but the illusions of efficiency and quality may soon fade when you consider the following:

1.Time - Despite saving money on your budget, you will soon realize the amount of time you spend searching for the right exhibit will counter this. 

2. Style - When the case focuses on a single medical injury or perhaps multiple injuries: several exhibits may be needed, and these may not be all readily available as stock. 

3. Expert value - Reusable Stock exhibits may not match your medical experts testimony and may need to be revised and re-reviewed by your medical expert. 

4. Uniqueness - You might need to adjust the stock image to better suit your client’s complicated injuries. 

5. Extra costs - Getting reusable stock exhibits means that you are still left to pay for any related services, such as revisions or additional printing costs.

Case-Specific Medical Exhibits: While there are excellent stock exhibits available, we think that case-specific exhibits is still the best option, for these reasons:

1. Time - With tight deadlines, attorneys can rely on the medical illustrator’s expertise. This will make a significant difference to the quality and outcome of your medical exhibits. 

2. Revisions - A case-specific exhibit allows the attorney and medical expert to request revisions to create a certified accurate medical exhibit. 

3. Quality Service - Experienced medical illustrators are at your disposal, the case review, design, and proposal process is free. 

4. Educate - In order for your opponent to be able to acknowledge or counter your case, they first must understand it. Case-specific exhibits are the best way to communicate your client’s complex injuries. 

5. Price - It may be less than you think. Many companies have had to adjust to the market to produce fair and cost-effective costs.

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