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Who is Certified Medical Illustrations?

Who is Certified Medical Illustrations?



Certified Medical Illustrations has been a leader in providing medical graphic services to the legal profession for over thirty years. A pioneer in Medical Legal Exhibits helped set the high standard of quality and precision that have brought years of victories to Personal Injury Attorneys across the world. Our company has cultivated the growth of many top law firms across the United States with dynamic Medical Trial Exhibits, Medical Animations, Interactive Presentations, and Medical Timelines to increase settlements and favorable verdicts. This success is due to the vision of company President, Peter Antonuccio his team of skilled Medical Illustrators and staff.

Certified Medical Illustrations is here to serve your trial needs and will continue to remain a leader in medical graphic services offering the high quality Exhibits and Presentations you've come to expect.

Let's meet the staff:

Peter Antonuccio, President, Certified Medical Illustrations

From a young age Mr. Antonuccio possessed a rare tenacity and talent for technology and seeing the potential of new business. With experience from selling Hi-Fi as a young man, leading to serving our country developing new technology, Peter used that experience to identify Video Production as a under utilized technology. When Peter demonstrated the Video technology to then small law firms, and watched his Video Services elevate the success of now top Personal Injury law firms. After years of success with Video Services, wanted to find a way to offer his successful clientele more services to win cases, thus bringing fourth the creation of Certified Medical Illustrations. From a small Illustration team of one retired doctor, to now staff of 10+ Illustrators, Peter has yet again created another service that many Attorneys can't be without.

Paula Franklin, Senior Medical Illustrator, Certified Medical Illustrations

Over the 12 years, Ms. Franklin has been illustrating for CMI, her skill and strong attention to detail elevated the standard of Exhibits and guides her team of Illustrators with the same standards. With a Masters of Fine Art degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a program with limited availability to even the most skilled Illustrators, Ms. Franklin brings her education and furthers her abilities by creating more dynamic and thorough presentations to help educate audiences about sustained injuries and medical procedures. Ms. Franklin is a valued member and respected leader of Certified Medical Illustrations, and continues to create more realistic and customized medical graphics suited to your case needs.

Jennifer Cross, Office Coordinator, Certified Medical Illustrations

Newest member to the CMI team, Jennifer is your first stop through the journey in creating custom Exhibits for your trial needs. With a diverse background in business management, hospitality, and finances, Jennifer manages the CMI office and will go above and beyond for your trial needs. A friendly and understanding guide, Jennifer is here to help with any questions you may have along the way of your graphic needs.

To learn more about the various product and services from Certified Medical Illustrations and the simple 4-step process used to launch and complete a project, visit: http://certifiedmedicalillustrations.com or call: +888-999-0410.